I make these designs in gold, silver, and platinum using a variety of stones. My shop contains an extensive collection of my creations, as well as marketplace and traditional favorites. I have a wide variety of stones, and assure you that I have a stone or gem that will fit any mounting and budget. Although I specialize in contemporary design, I keep an eye towards the classic and traditional themes. I consider all motifs, and make use of geometric, figurative, and abstract shapes to create simple yet exquisite adornments. My favorite – preferred stones are jaspers and agates from the four corners. In the pictures on this site you will see many original designs featuring every color and shape, and well as loose stones that are available for your custom piece.

The unconventional stone provides a different experience and represent the better value. There is no questioning the timelessness of sapphires, rubies, emeralds, pearls, and diamonds; Nevertheless, there is a realm of gems beyond them. Explore this page to see a variety of gems and stones set in equally diverse selection of mountings. it is the original designs and custom work are what set the independent owner operators apart from the chain and franchise jewelry stores. The attention and service you will receive from me will be far above any effort made by commissioned sales employees. We both want to sell you something; however, I want you to come back, while they rely upon volume of customers. A mall store is not concerned about developing a relationship with the customer, they rely on volume, through foot traffic and television advertising. Independent stores need word of mouth and repeat customers. The goal is a personalized service that exceeds the mall experience.