Services offered by Vincent Jewelers

Vincent Jewelers is a full service store, creating original design jewelry, making custom design jewelry, and stocking marketplace jewelry. I also do repairs and appraisals, offer advice and if so prompted, can blither mindless banter too.

I stock a wide variety of stones and can replace lost or damaged stones

Restoration of heirloom jewelry requires a careful eye and proper hand. Some material cannot be restored, and from the stone and other parts a custom-made piece or an original design is the desired substitute. This cannot or will not be done by the staff in a chain jewelry store; they cannot afford to have a master artisan on staff to handle tasks such as that one. You should only trust your precious heirlooms to a dedicated artisan [craftsman].

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Protect you investments and property by keeping your insurance and estate papers in order with appraisal and documentation of assets. I can provide images and written appraisals that will serve you, and provide off premises storage of vital information